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From stone veneer repairs to walls in your home, we can help you with any project big or small. We specialize in not only traditional masonry, but also historic stonework. Arete is the only certified historical mason in the area. We are well known for our excellent craftsmanship and dedication to restoration. If you want a quote on any project please contact us today!

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Stone, Brick, Block, Footers, Patios, Pavers, Outdoor living, Historic Restoration, Historic Mortar. Masonry Repair, concrete, fireplaces, chimneys, outdoor fireplaces, retaining walls, sidewalks , Pools, Pool decks, Waterfall, outdoor kitchen, driveway pillars, hardscapes, hardscaping, mortar matching, patios, chimneys, chimney repairs, ….. we’ve even built bridges

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I started Arete Construction Services to stand out, to elevate the trade. I have witnessed a downward trend in quality over the last decade or so, particularly in hardscaping. I love hardscapes, and stone work and all things masonry for the artistic element and for the satisfaction of a building a great project. Arete Construction services was founded to elevate the industry. So many times we hear of horrible contractors who do terrible work, take advantage of clients and so much more. We strive to change the game- both with the contractor/client experience, but with raising the bar on quality in the industry. Landscapers are now the “go to” guys for patios…. It used to be masons. 80% of the jobs I see/ bid on are already existing projects that are falling apart within months of being built. The vast majority of the hardscaping workforce is undertrained- not because of lack of desire but because everyone thinks they can build a patio. Additionally, masons who have broad experience and are great at their trade using new materials typically fail in regards to historic work. The masonry industry changed about a hundred years ago. Modern materials don’t mix well with the old. Many of the masonry restoration projects have used materials that do long term damage instead of actually restoring the structure.

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